StationAlarm SG

StationAlarm (iTunes Link) is an intelligent alarm system that is designed to let you sleep in the MRT without fearing to wake up at the right stations.

All you have to do is to set your current station and the destination station. Your route is automatically computed and StationAlarm rings an alarm to wake up at the right station(s).

Right station(s) means, if there is a interchange, where you have to change trains, StationAlarm can automatically wake you up at the right time for alighting. (Right time is 1 min before the actual time)

For example, when you travel daily from Woodlands to Pioneer, StationAlarm will automatically wake you up at Jurong East and then at Pioneer. It’s especially helpful when you travel across the length of breadth of the island.


The app also supports a variety of customizations like, consider interchange waiting times while calculating estimated time,  whether the app should vibrate the phone or beep the iPod Touch during Alarm etc., It also supports localization of the MRT Station names in Mandarin and Tamil. By default, the app picks up the default language from the device. If you have set a locale that’s not supported, it defaults to Singapore English. The following locales are supported by the app.

Singapore-English (en_SG)


Malaysia-Malay (my_MS)

India-Tamil (ta_IN)

What’s more?

StationAlarm can be customized to store your home and office locations in the settings tab. Once set, whenever you open the application, StationAlarm will automatically start with “Home” -> “Office” in the morning and “Office” -> “Home” in the evening. With the help of another setting, “Auto Start Timer”, Once you customize the application, all you have to do is to start the app once you enter the MRT, and start sleeping. No button presses needed!

How it works?

StationAlarm uses Dijkstra’s routing algorithm to find the shortest path between your start and end destination. It then computes the time taken to reach that station based on the average estimated time and uses GPS to fine tune the algorithm. You may opt to turn off the GPS (default choice) fine tuning in the settings page. This would be especially useful for iPod Touch owners as the location services may not be very accurate.

Screen Shots

Known Issues/Disclaimers

Tamil characters does not appear in the right order as of now as iPhone OS 2.2.1 has not yet implemented Apple Advanced Typography. Probably, iPhone OS 3.0 should fix the issue.

Locking the iPhone when StationAlarm is running will stop it from working. For StationAlarm to alert you, please do not lock your iPhone. The other work around is to play your iPod in background and start StationAlarm. In this case, StationAlarm will still run when the iPhone is locked. This is a known issue with the iPhone OS software and unfortunately nothing can be done.

The GPS fine tuning doesn’t kick in at all the times. It’s still an experimental thing. However, turning it on will not cause any harm or crash your app. Stay tuned for updates.


What is there in StationAlarm SG going forward?

With iPhone 3.0 software, in app purchases for alarm tones will be enabled. All in app purchases will be “free”. No worries

Peer to peer exchanges of alarm tones. (If Apple allows)

The author is a native speaker of Tamil. As such, he cannot translate the user interface in the other two languages (Mandarin/Malay). As of now, only station names are localized in all four languages. With proper support from someone, he would like to translate it to Mandarin and Malay.

Anything else by popular demand.


For product support, contact the author @

Please follow the +addressing. It helps me sort out support requests automatically without looking into the email.

You can also comment on this page if you need support.

App Made in Singapore

PS: If you are a reviewer and interested in reviewing my app, please leave a comment requesting a promo code. I’ll give you one for free!


3 responses

4 06 2009
Jimmy Yap

Hi Mungunth

It’s an interesting app! Do you mind if I ask you some questions so I can write a fuller story?

1. What made you decide to write this app?
2. How long did it take you?
3. What was your biggest challenge?
4. What’s your background? Are you a full time developer? If not, what do you do? (I’ve read your blog but I’m not sure if the details are updated)
5. Are you new to programming on this platform?
6. What are your plans for future iPhone development?

5 06 2009
Preetam Rai

Mugunth, I just downloaded the app and played with it. Looks good. Looking forward to more apps from you.

20 01 2015
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It has propelled new strategies including opensource and open marketplaces
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